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Copy contacts to wear watch

1.25 usd

We all keep our contacts on our smartphones, and while many of us sync our contacts with Google or some other service, sometimes our phone dies, maybe it’s stolen, you lose it or something similar and there’s no computer nearby. How do you get your most needed contact information? With Wear Contacts Copy + dialer you can select which contacts you want to see from your watch, and they’ll be copied over to your Android Wear device giving you the ability to look up their information even when you’re not connected to your Android smartphone.Keep your Emergency contact list readily available in your watch. This is useful for cases where your phone runs out of juice or gets separated from you or for workplaces that doesn't allow mobile phones.
No need to remember long phone numbers or keep paper notes in your wallet. Just Backup your contacts to you Android Wear.
Features:Copies Numbers, Emails and Photo without the need to be connected to your phone (offline)Dial your saved contacts from your wearable.Store/save contact in Wear and get sync automatically when reconnected to phone.
Developer note: Please give the phone time to sync the watch app to your android wear.
Brought to you by the maker of Wear pebble finder.
Pro version:No adsUnlimited contacts copy
Tested on:Moto360LG G watchNexus 6HTC one
fully compatible w/:Gear LiveLG Watch UrbaneSmartWatch 3G Watch RG WatchMoto 360ASUS ZenWatch